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Understanding human facial morphology using CBCT imagery

Interested in Research Participation?

If so, this facial study is for you!

We are in the beginning stages of collecting DNA information and photographic imagery for our research. This research is supported by the NIH (R15 DE031929) and explores human physical appearance, in particular facial morphology. Our research allows us to develop intelligence tools so that we can predict the face using DNA.

If any of you would be willing to volunteer for our study, please read this page which provides information on the study, how to sign up - please log into your IU email , and how to contact us.

We are working on a study that would investigate the genetics behind differences in facial morphology (form and structure of facial features). For this study, we are collecting cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) scans and photographs of your physical appearance (facial features). Additionally, we would collect a saliva sample (for DNA information) and questionnaires about your demographic information and information related to your facial appearance, characteristics, and past history of your facial appearance. You may have already participated in the following study “An investigation into the genetic basis of human externally visible characteristics (human physical appearance” (IRB #1409306349) where we have done similar types of collections.

If you decide to participate, you will be assigned a unique random number to de-identify your name from your DNA and imagery. All data shall also be securely stored in a database that only the study members would have access to. You will be asked to consent to allow the collection of this information. You can also find more information with a place to ‘sign up’ here on our website or email

The study is entirely voluntary. The CBCT will take no longer than 2 minutes and the other photography will last approximately 3 minutes. The collection of images, biological material, and completion of the questionnaires adds approximately 25-30 minutes (including the walk to the scan).

If you are a female of childbearing potential, you will be asked to perform a pregnancy screening with an over-the-counter pregnancy test to ensure the safety of potential embryo or fetus. This will add approximately 15 minutes to the study for females, making the process last around 45-50 minutes. We are happy to speak with you and answer any questions you might have regarding the study and also to set up an appointment time for collection.

You will receive a $5 Starbucks voucher to purchase coffee/water as you wait during the research visit. Please speak with our collection coordinators for more details. It may also be possible for you to receive your non-diagnostic CBCT scan. But please note: the CBCT scan is performed solely for research and is not intended for diagnostic purposes or clinical evaluation. If you wish to have a medical interpretation performed on your images, you will need to follow up with your physician.

If this sounds interesting to you, please sign up with your email address to receive more information and pick a time to come in and participate with a member of our team.

Location: IU School of Dentistry
Enter through the main entrance on Barnhill Dr., go past reception to an open hall way called Main Street, and into the “old” building. Go past the double elevators and toward the other doors, turn right down the hall just before the doors. (There is a check in desk there that should be able to direct you if you have problems.) Use the small elevator on the left opposite the Coca-Cola machine. Go to the second floor, take a left off the elevator and then a right.
Room 285 is near the end of the hallway.
Any problems please call/text 317-795-9863.

Link to our study questionnaire